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Welcome to our Abbey Landscaping family! We are the number one choice for garden designs here in Southampton. Our team of expert Southampton garden designers are dedicated to delivering only the best garden designs that would best suit your landscaping vision. Over our many years of experience in the design business, we have discovered that garden design landscaping options are virtually endless.  

Here at Abbey Landscaping, we are committed to delivering the best garden design landscaping services you can get here in Southampton. Our team of Southampton garden design experts will make sure to deliver the garden design that would allow you to relax and refresh within your own property. 

Our Southampton garden design options are guaranteed to grant you the perfect design that would suit your own garden design needs. Make your new garden design the most personalized experience you can get here in Southampton with our garden design professionals. 

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Here at Abbey Landscaping, we offer you the most comprehensive design services that you can benefit from here in the UK. You can now take advantage of all the soft and hard landscaping design options we offer. Our team of design experts has seen all sorts of tastes for design throughout our many years of service in design. This has made us competent in every aspect of design, including flower bed design, patio design, bush design, and many more. 

Our landscape design services include many aspects of design. These design services are centred around using stone and bricks as the primary materials that we utilize to build your new patios, wall features, and paths. Throughout our many years in the landscape design business, we have created countless design aesthetics for so many different design taste palates. 

Whether you need to design suntrap patios or classical design patios, we can make all your design dreams come true. We will design your new outdoor paradise to achieve nothing less than what you have envisioned. We can now also design your new garden creatively in order to separate it from the other gardens next door. 

Our team of landscape design experts guarantees the use of only the highest quality bricks and stones for your new landscape design. We also exceptionally cater to all budgetary considerations while undertaking a new design job. Please read on to discover what more design services we offer here at Abbey Landscaping. 

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    Benefits of Our Landscape Design Services

    A newly installed or refurbished garden or patio design comes with a great number of perks. First and foremost, investing in our professional services is guaranteed to greatly boost the value of your property for the best money value. In fact, here at Abbey Landscaping, we can increase the value of your property between a range of 11-20%. This leap can only be achieved with the assistance of a professional landscape design company that would implement the panned design flawlessly. 

    Even better yet, another perk of a newly designed garden landscape would be that it can significantly reduce energy bills. If your professional landscape designers had a long-term plan for your garden, it could greatly reduce your electricity bills. This is possible by integrating shrubs or trees in deliberate locations that would shade your home and cool it down during the summer. 

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    Why Come to us for Our Landscape Design Services?

    Here at Abbey Landscaping, we are committed to excellence in providing you with all the expert landscape design services you need. We can design and provide anything from high garden walls and large summer houses to amazing brick barbecues that are perfect for Sunday dinners. The sky is truly the limit when you choose us at Abbey Landscaping for your next design job. 

    Our team of landscape design experts will accompany you for each step along the way, offering consultancy and professional advice whenever they are needed. For more than 25 years, our team of talented landscape design professionals has taken on countless landscape designs and transformations all over the UK. We definitely do not lack when it comes to providing unique and creative landscape design services to our precious clients.  

    While it is true that majestic garden design services do not come cheap, our team always ensures that our pricing ranges are the most competitive with respect to the current market. It would definitely be a chore for you to find the same quality services for such a great pricing range. 


    In the case that you are still hesitant to start your landscape design venture with us, you can now take a look at previous landscape design jobs we have done for prior customers. We urge you to scroll through our rich design gallery section in order to gain an idea as to what to expect in terms of design outcomes when you work with us. 

    We are sure our design gallery section will give you the peace and reassurance you need to pick up the phone and give our design experts a call. After all, who knows? Your new landscape design might be the next photo on our gallery page one day. 

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    If you have been looking for the best people to design your next Southampton garden design, then look no further than Abbey Landscaping. Here at Abbey Landscaping, we are firm believers that the devil is in the details of garden design. We guarantee that our garden design services will deliver the most optimal outcomes you would expect for your next garden design job.

    Our design services are some of the highest quality design services you can find within the UK. In the case that you still have questions about your next garden design, do not hesitate to contact our Southampton garden design experts. You can now get in touch with our design experts and discuss all of your design needs at length.

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